Good Question! Really, the name says it all: we are a squad of highly motivated professionals who have taken on the responsibility for providers and patients nationwide to retrieve health information (medical charts) as needed and as directed in the most secure, compliant fashion. Think of us as the medical record police or a Squad of Patient Privacy Activists demanding compliance and fighting for your rights!


ChartSquad was created for patients. Our mission is to provide every patient an easy and effective method to obtain copies of their Protected Health Information (PHI) without having to deal with the hassles presented by their medical office. We aim to assert, educate, follow applicable privacy laws and enable individuals to transmit information as needed. We strive to implement and empower technology, security, accuracy and ease of use. More succinctly, we put YOU in charge of YOUR PHI, as it should be. We provide a more accessible and portable means for you to obtain and manage your medical records; records you will need, and should have in your own files.


We hate to break it to you, but we are not the usual suspects, the mod squad, or some kind of power-house copy service. In fact, we do not copy a thing. ChartSquad is a collection of professionals who happen to maintain uniquely qualified skillsets across multiple industries. We challenged ourselves to build a patient-centric solution and as a result, ChartSquad was born. We do not seek individual credit, and we do not feel it is important to list our names or accolades. We just want to serve the needs of the patient. After all, we too are patients.


We concentrate our efforts on the many needs of the patient. At times, patients need access to their records but are unable to go to the provider to obtain them. People who are unable to obtain transportation or have been sent to department after department and have been told 10 different stories on how to obtain their records are left confused and defeated. Anyone who has ever applied for life insurance, or been in a serious accident, moved to another state and is seeing a new doctor, perhaps a family member has recently passed, or those who have a new baby and simply know that it is important to keep track of their child's development, immunizations, and treatment early in life. These are just a few of the many reasons a patient may need to access their health information. No matter what the reason, we can make this happen. The patient is our focus, and that means YOU!