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About The ChartSquad Platform

ChartSquad is here for you whatever your medical records access question may be. We know that there is a sea of information and misinformation found on the internet, directly from the offices of healthcare providers, or from organizations that hold and maintain medical records. It can be difficult to get to the most current and correct information needed when trying to find out how to get access to your medical records.

Most healthcare providers will point you to their healthcare portal, if they have one. The problem with accessing your medical history this way is that it can be incomplete, abbreviated, or disjointed in a manner that’s difficult to easily comprehend (e.g., many different components of a medical matter spread across various tests, visits, and doctors/nurses/PA’s notes.) It is also often the case that the portals themselves are ‘buggy’ or just completely broken. Sadly, there are also many healthcare facilities that don’t even have a website, let alone a usable healthcare portal.

Another issue with the use of a healthcare portal is the number of them the average person accrues over their lifetime. With each new healthcare system used, a new login for a new healthcare portal can be needed. Moving to a new state, understanding the various laws and regulations for healthcare records access in that state, and finding out how to act on that information can be a headache for anyone.

What about the longevity of your medical records? Where do they go after years of not needing them? Have they been deleted? Can you get them back? Often, we will log back in and find out there is no medical record to speak of...the data has gone!

ChartSquad is here to enable you to gain access to your medical records, quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. We don’t charge patients a dime for use of the ChartSquad portal; it’s free for people to use and store their medical data. It’s a place where you can securely and safely centralize all your medical records, and then if needed, share them with any party that might need access such as an insurer, attorney, or school (for vaccination status of children, etc.)

Plan for medical procedures, get more concise and complete information, and get a holistic view of your medical history to improve your health and your family’s health tomorrow. Taking control of your medical information is taking control of your life.

Get in contact with us today or sign up for free and we can help you take back control of your healthcare information and of your life.

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