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How Much Can You Save When You Use ChartSquad? 

Let's find out!  First - create your ChartSquad account in about 2 minutes and when the verification process is complete, start requesting your records!

  • No need to get dressed-up for a drive to your medical provider's office
  • Make requests from the comfort of home, office, or anywhere else you happen to be
  • No trips to the gas station
  • No traffic
  • No parking hassles
  • No phone calls
  • No long hold music
  • No disconnects

Both time and expense savings add up fast and when you signup today, ChartSquad can start getting the records you need efficiently - so you can build and manage your Permanent Health Record (PHR).

Why is This Important? 

Medical providers and their vendors are notorious at giving patients the run-around, particularly when it comes to releasing records. Unreasonable demands, burdens, and expenses can almost make the process impossible - and no one needs a delay when important health decisions must be made.

Additionally, many providers "so-called" health portals only give you access to a limited view of your health journey. In contrast, ChartSquad helps you build a Permanent Health Record where you can securely collect, store, and manage access to your entire universe of health information.

Collect and Store All Your Medical Records in One Place

ChartSquad was founded with the mission of empowering patients to have control over their medical records. With a ChartSquad Personal Health Record (PHR), you can request medical records, track progress, collect and store your information, then manage and share access with anyone you choose.


Without ChartSquad, retrieving medical records could end up costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Alternatively, a ChartSquad PHR allows you to gain access your health information in compliance with legal limitations on the fees providers can charge.

Protect Your Rights

We help you exercise your civil rights under HIPAA and HITECH, enabling you to access treatment records from any U.S. provider. We also eliminate much of the cost and a lot of the hassle long-associated with the process.

Ready to Get Your Records?

ChartSquad is HIPAA Compliant, Successful with HITECH, Secure and Easy to Use!


Which Records Do You Need Help With Today?


  • Medical Records
  • Billing Records
  • Specialist Billing
  • Digital Images and Films
  • EMS Records and Bills
  • Ambulance Records and Bills
  • Mental and Behavioral Health Records and Bills
  • Laboratory Records and Bills
  • Pharmacy and Prescription Records and Bills
  • Long Term Care Records and Bills
  • Assisted Living Records and Bills
  • Vaccination Records and Bills
  • Student Health Records and Bills
  • Full EHR Audit Trail
  • Accounting of Disclosures

It takes about 2 Minutes to sign up and once you are verified, you can start requesting health records! ChartSquad does all the work for you!