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ChartSquad believes everyone must be educated on the right to their personal health information. We strive to bridge unity between patients and the medical records industry, and that begins with persistence, transparency, and a strategic plan to meet your needs.

The ChartSquad team strives to educate the health care industry and patients on HIPAA Right of Access Laws and relieve the undue burden placed on patients that, for any reason, need their medical records. ChartSquad is dedicated to righting this wrong.

How is ChartSquad different from medical record retrieval services?

ChartSquad is a Personal Health Record; it is NOT a medical record retrieval service.

Will ChartSquad keep me in the loop throughout the process?

Absolutely! As ChartSquad sorts through the legal jargon for you, we keep our patients informed throughout to sustain clear communication and transparency.

What does ChartSquad cost so that I can access my medical records?

Nothing! ChartSquad offers a Personal Health Record (PHR) account to patients across the nation at absolutely no cost. We want to encourage patients to take control of their own healthcare records without an associated financial burden. No joining fee, no monthly membership fees, no contract, no obligation.

Can you get records from any medical provider or only those that use your service?

ChartSquad has no limitations and can get records from any medical provider in the United States. Our services range from accessing your acupuncturist records to major medical centers, to first responders, and more.

Do you operate in select states?

ChartSquad operates under US Federal Civil Right of Access Laws. We service patients in all US States and Territories.

How long does the process take to get the records I request?

ChartSquad maintains an average national turnaround time of 15 days. However, ChartSquad also provides database transparency that allows you to view and track each providers average turnaround time.

How much will the provider fee cost when I request records?

ChartSquad maintains an average national provider fee $6.00 or below per request. We work hard to eliminate or reduce all provider fees in accordance with federal law, but every request will vary based on the provider’s willingness to comply with federal law.

What if a provider is overcharging for the records I request?

If we identify a provider is not complying, we will notify you directly. Should the provider refuse to comply, we will provide you the option to file a complaint with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR)* who will follow up with you directly.

*We have no affiliation with the OCR. It is a government agency assigned to respond to potential violations of HIPAA.

What if a provider refuses to release records to ChartSquad?

Refusing to allow patients legal access to their Protected Health Information (PHI) is a violation of federal law, and ChartSquad will work with the enforcement bodies directly to resolve any such violation and deliver the requested records.

How do you deliver the records I request?

ChartSquad is a paperless solution that hosts a private account for you to submit requests, then store, track, manage, and share any records we deliver, as well as those you may choose to upload. ChartSquad always delivers your records electronically to your secure account.

How long will I have access to the records I request and is there a size or storage limit?

ChartSquad provides unlimited access to your private account with no size or storage limitations, which allows you to access records anytime from any internet-connected device.

Who else will have access to the records I request?

ChartSquad operates with the highest level of privacy and security allowing users exclusive access to their accounts. We empower users with the ability to control who else gets access to each record on file.

Can I share my records once you deliver them?

ChartSquad enables you with the ability to share your secure records with anyone that you choose for any reason you choose. They are your records and we put you in control of them.

Can you email me the records I request?

ChartSquad will never email you records outside of our secure portal due to the strict privacy and security policies required by federal law. You must always access your records by logging into your secure account.
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