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The Patient Portal

ChartSquad was founded with one mission; to put the patient in control of their own medical records! With a ChartSquad Personal Health Record (PHR), you can request, track, store, manage, and even share your records with anyone you choose. We help you exercise your civil rights under HIPAA and HITECH, obtaining electronic access to your treatment records so that you can make better healthcare decisions and eliminate much of the cost and hassle that have long been associated with this process.

Civil Injury, Mass Tort, Medical Malpractice, Worker's Compensation, Disability litigators anyone fighting for Plaintiffs and Civil Justice need records to serve their clients. ChartSquad will empower patients directly with the ability to obtain the records necessary, simplifying things for your clients. We then enable the patient to easily share any record we deliver directly with your organization to help lower the burden of cost and the time your staff would otherwise have to dedicate to obtaining records themselves.

The Professional Services Portal

The Insurance Company Portal

Long-term disability, short-term disability, underwriting; ChartSquad will connect your company directly and securely with your patient population to ease the burden of collecting all of the medical records that are required for you to advance their claim or application. We will help the patients obtain direct access to their records who can then, in turn, share those records with you securely and electronically. This will speed up the process of serving the patient which results in lower costs and faster service times for your company.

Why Choose Us

ChartSquad enforces the notion that a person’s civil rights should be properly upheld, a tactile approach brought on by our tenacious methodology to creating universal, fair medical record access, one request at a time. We believe a patient’s medical records are their lifeline; without proper guidance, they’re left to navigate unreliable providers and a complicated process.

ChartSquad champions fair medical record access each step of the way. We reject the idea of weaponizing ignorance of HIPAA and HITECH laws, and we reject the idea of charging patients anything other than fair, low-cost rates to access their own medical records.

To do this, ChartSquad emphasizes a series of core values that empower our organization invested in your rights, including:

  • Fight the Good Fight: We’re keenly aware of the systemic flaws which can make patients feel like their medical records are being held hostage by providers. ChartSquad advocates for patients to take charge of their health. That begins with us acting as the role of the educator.
  • The Power of Persistence: We value our patients above all else, and we work tirelessly to ensure you gain the insight you rightfully deserve. Our business model hinges on overcoming the repeated challenges and obstacles that are put in place to deter patients from acquiring their medical records documentation.
  • Know Your Rights: We prioritize transparency, both internally and externally. Each request is addressed and resolved with promptness, and each caseworker communicates with precision to deliver on our promise to create universal, fair medical record access.

Our core values are guiding principles that set the stage for the work we accomplish for every patient in their quest for medical records access. These values enable ChartSquad to maintain consistency, honesty, and a focus on medical education, all while adhering to a whole-of-company personality for our clients.

From the get-go, ChartSquad employs an approach that is just, tenacious, knowledgeable, and strategic. We strive to deliver medical record seekers the results they wish to receive—with an emphasis on empathy and personability. We choose to adhere to what is right for the patient in all that we do.

ChartSquad will continually champion fair and accessible record access from our first interaction to our last. In doing so, your legally held rights are benefited, and the information you need is readily accessible without the pain of a system otherwise working against your wishes and needs.

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