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Champions of Fair Access to Medical Records

ChartSquad has taken on the responsibility of helping clients retrieve healthcare information (also known as medical charts, medical information, or protected health information) for patients nationwide.

Our efficient and knowledgeable professionals work strategically to deliver medical records with the tenacity to achieve secure and compliant records access for every patient. Each member of ChartSquad is determined to fight for your civil rights until they are fulfilled.


ChartSquad was created for patients. Our mission is to create universal, fair medical record access, one request at a time. Every patient is entitled to obtain copies of their Protected Health Information (PHI) without having to deal with the hassles presented by their medical provider.

In doing so, we believe everyone should be educated on their rights to their medical records. With each request, we achieve assertation, and education, to follow applicable privacy laws and enable individuals to transmit the information as necessary. Our persistence allows each patient to take gain access to their PHI, which is a federally granted right.


ChartSquad is unique in its mission and ability to deliver. Our organization is comprised of professionals who uniquely position themselves as dynamos in the industry for the betterment of everyone from the beginning, at ChartSquad we challenged ourselves to serve as a patient-centric solution with genuine fervor.

We don’t seek individual credit, nor do we choose to showcase our accolades. ChartSquad works to benefit your wants and needs; a patient seeking fair and complete medical record access.


The patient is our focus — upon whom we place our attention. No matter the need for medical record access, ChartSquad believes it is a necessity that each patient obtains their documents, whether they’re overlooked, underprivileged, or simply unsure how to proceed forward.

Keeping track of health treatment, immunizations, and more, we understand the need for constant and fair access to these records. ChartSquad strives to ensure a fair and smooth process for each patient throughout the journey.

How much is your time worth?

With ChartSquad, in 2-minutes or less you can request records from any US-based treatment provider.

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