CIOX: Hurting Patients in their Pockets

CIOX Health, formerly known as HealthPort, is a company that provides medical records retrieval services in the United States. The company is one of the largest providers of this service, and many people feel that it has a near-monopoly in the industry.

One of the reasons why CIOX is so dominant in the medical records retrieval industry is that it has acquired many of its competitors over the years. The company has grown through a series of mergers and acquisitions, which has allowed it to consolidate its power in the market. CIOX has acquired several smaller companies in the medical records retrieval space, which has helped it to become a dominant player in the industry.

CIOX has also established relationships with many healthcare providers and hospitals throughout the country. These relationships allow the company to gain access to medical records and other patient information, which is essential for its business model. Many hospitals and healthcare providers have exclusive contracts with CIOX, which prevents other medical records retrieval companies from gaining access to this information.

Additionally, CIOX has invested heavily in technology and infrastructure to run the medical records retrieval process. The company has developed its own proprietary software platform to retrieve medical records from healthcare providers and hospitals.

However, the fact that CIOX has such a dominant position in the market has led to significant concerns about its pricing practices. Critics argue that the company has a virtual monopoly on medical records retrieval, which allows it to charge high fees for its services. This has made it difficult for other medical records retrieval companies to compete with CIOX and has led to higher costs for anyone that needs access to medical records.

CIOX increases the costs of accessing medical records. This hurts patients in their pockets!

The high cost of medical records retrieval is a significant issue for many who need to access medical records. The cost of obtaining medical records can significantly and exponentially increase if a person needs medical records for a legal case (e.g., personal injury) or other situations where they need to share medical records with a professional service provider.

In response to these concerns, many have started to explore alternative options for obtaining medical records. One approach is to work directly with hospitals and healthcare providers to obtain medical records, rather than going through a third-party medical records retrieval company. However, this can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process, and it may not be feasible for all.

Changing the game…

The best option is to work with a company that is disrupting the medical records retrieval industry, by instead focusing on the patients and enabling them to activate their federally granted civil rights to access their medical records; ChartSquad is one of those companies. It uses innovative technology and business models to reduce the cost of obtaining medical records and to make the process more efficient. ChartSquad provides a game-changing platform and a team of legal experts and regulatory experts for people to use as their tools to enable fair access to medical records. Using automation and machine learning to retrieve medical records, patients are granted access to their medical records at a much lower cost and in a significantly shorter timeframe than traditional medical records retrieval companies.

While it is true that CIOX Health has a dominant position in the medical records retrieval industry, fortunately, there are some signs of change on the horizon. New companies like ChartSquad are challenging the status quo and providing innovative solutions for people and a host of professional services people employ. As the industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting and exciting to see how ChartSquad and others continue to disrupt the traditional model of medical records access.

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