What are the potential drawbacks of using third parties to retrieve medical records?

At ChartSquad, we empower YOU to gain access to your medical records. We are not a medical records retrieval company. The ChartSquad platform becomes your key to reducing the amount of time, reducing the cost, and giving you CONTROL of your healthcare data. Additionally, ChartSquad utilizes comprehensive and extensive security measures to ensure that your medical records are kept secure!

If you need to share parts of or all your medical information with a school, insurer, attorney, or employer, ChartSquad ensures that this is done in the most secure way possible, without risking your personal information falling into the wrong hands.

And, for patients, all of this is completely free. The only fees you pay are from the healthcare providers themselves, and we make it our goal to ensure you pay them the absolute minimum amount allowable under federal and state law.

Providers must respond to access requests that patients make using our platform. ChartSquad empowers patients to enable access to their medical records using federal regulations and deep knowledge of the law.

Below are some of the pitfalls you may encounter when working with third parties to retrieve your medical history and information:


Cost of Access

Some third-party companies charge fees for their services, which may be passed on to the patient. This can be especially problematic if the patient has limited financial resources or is already paying for medical treatment.


Healthcare Data Privacy Concerns

Third parties may not be as diligent about protecting medical records' privacy as healthcare providers or the ChartSquad platform. There is a risk that the records could be accessed by unauthorized individuals or that the patient's personal information could be mishandled or disclosed to third parties.


Delays in Obtaining Records

Using third parties to retrieve medical records can take longer than obtaining the records directly from the healthcare provider (which can take months!) This can be a problem if the records are needed for a timely medical appointment or if the patient needs urgent care or has legal matters requiring medical records access.


Inaccurate Medical Records

Third parties may not have access to the most up-to-date information in the medical records or be unable to obtain all the relevant records. This can lead to inaccuracies in the records, which could affect the patient's care.


Control Over the Process is Limited

When third parties are used to retrieve medical records, the patient may have less control over the process and may be unable to verify the records' accuracy or ensure that all relevant records are obtained. Also, the provider has complete control and discretion over responding to third party access requests, and over what the fees will be.

Providers can force third parties to fill out their own authorizations, forcing the third party to get patient signatures then maintain and store these forms.


What are the drawbacks of using medical record retrieval companies to retrieve medical records?

There are several potential drawbacks to using medical record retrieval companies to obtain medical records. One potential drawback is the cost. These services can be very expensive, especially if the records are being retrieved from multiple providers or from providers that are in different parts of the country. Additionally, using a medical record retrieval company can be time-consuming, as it may take many months to obtain the records.

Another potential drawback is the risk of errors or omissions in the records that are retrieved. These errors can occur if the medical record retrieval company makes mistakes when transcribing the records, or if the records themselves are incomplete or inaccurate. This can lead to delays in treatment or misdiagnosis, which can have serious consequences for patients.

Finally, using a medical record retrieval company is wholly unnecessary. By using the ChartSquad platform patients can obtain their own medical records directly from their healthcare providers and then store and access that information through the platform’s electronic health record system. This saves time and money and may also reduce the risk of errors or omissions in the records.


Why Using ChartSquad Makes Sense

Overall, while third parties can seem a convenient way to retrieve medical records, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks and weigh them against the benefits. Patients who use the ChartSquad platform to enable them to access medical records enjoy the benefits of data security, an average of a 15-day turnaround, an average of $6 or less per request, and the support of experts who empower people to use their federally granted civil rights of fair access to medical records.

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