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ChartSquad National TV Spot


Here is a transcript of the video above which aired on all major news networks in 2022.

"Knowing where and how to fully access medical records can be a daunting task. Chart Squad exists to empower every patient with this access and help them understand their rights along the way. Chart Squad wants to help you take control over your own health. Their mission is to take away the damages of defensive medicine and change the entire landscape of the medical field to learn more, contact us today."

This represents a milestone in ChartSquad getting awareness to the people of the United States. ChartSquad is focused on helping people get access to their medical records and on upholding their federally granted civil rights to fair access. 

As we at ChartSquad commit ourselves to civil justice for all, we are helping to change the game when it comes to enabling all people in this nation to retrieve their complete and detailed healthcare information. ChartSquad provides this service and allows you to gain access to your medical information for free; we do not profit from this. If there is a fee from your provider the system will request authorization to run this charge, and there is no upcharge for this - the only people charging for access to your medical history are healthcare providers and medical records custodians.

It is, arguably, the most important time to know all you can about your medical history. As advancements in medicine continue to gain momentum, being able to see your complete medical history on one secure, easy-to-use platform allows you to make decisions about your care with more clarity than ever before.