Medical Records News and Information

Here we will add articles and information that will help people to understand their rights related to accessing their medical records, as well as any news or announcements that may be helpful or of interest.

There are many reasons one would have to access their healthcare information: 

Perhaps an attorney has been hired for some type of litigation in which you are the plaintiff and there is a need to provide the lawyer with medical charts related to an injury or sickness. 

There are frequently instances where medical data will be needed by insurance companies in relation to an accident or incident that an insured party has been involved in. 

Or, maybe you are just frustrated by the disjointed state of medical records in the United States; with your healthcare information stored on a dozen portals, often incomplete, and sometimes just inaccessible!

These are the types of topics that we will be discussing and bringing information and news to you about. Let's change the game and help make this system better and more accessible to all! 
stethoscope and laptop on medical records

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Admin lady looking at a medical record

How To Get Medical Records - December 7, 2022

Admin lady looking at a medical record

How To Get Medical Records - November 29, 2022

lady searching through medical record cards

Can I Look Up My Own Medical Records? - August 29, 2022

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