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Increase Your Productivity with ChartSquad's Suite of Case Tools

We know your time is valuable. Let us help you get your records organized in a way that helps you do more with the results!
Browse our Case Tools below and add them to your records requests through your Dashboard.

Simple Medical Chronology

Our Simple Medical Chronology is our most sought after product! It offers a comprehensive list of medical providers, dates of treatment, and a summary of all treatment/procedures rendered to the patient for each date of service. It also includes interactive hyperlinks for easy navigation!  Learn more here.


Deposition Summaries

Team of U.S. legal professionals that can summarize your depositions in a clear, concise format, with descriptive topic headers and table of contents with hyperlinks.


Estimate for Future Treatment

Get damages for future medical treatment. Fast, easy, crazy accurate!


Reasonable Value of Past Medical Bills

Combat an adjuster accusing your client of having inflated medical bills!


Billing Summary

Our billing summary will summarize provider medical charges, insurance payments, co-payments, and adjustments applied to a patient’s account. *It is important that itemized statements are legible.


Camp Lejeune Qualifier

Determine if your client has been diagnosed with illnesses which qualify for Camp Lejeune injury claims.


Elmiron Qualifier

Determine if your client has been diagnosed with illnesses or suffered symptoms with qualify for Elmiron injury claims


Implant/RX Summary

Identifies any medical devices or prescription drugs. Includes implant/RX dates, manufacturer, product and lot number identification numbers- if available.

JUUL Qualifier

Determine if your client has been diagnosed with illnesses which qualify for JUUL injury claims.


Medical & Billing Record Organization

Records will be organized according to date of service or statement date.


Medical Index

Captures all dates of service, treatment, diagnoses, prescriptions, treatment plan, prognosis notes (if any included) and medical charges for each patient if desired.


Medical Provider List

A comprehensive list of all the patient's medical providers/treating physicians.


Narrative Medical Chronology

Summary of all submitted records, including rewriting of the dictation and listing of diagnosis codes which together, lead to better outcomes with adjusters.


NEC Comprehensive Review (Necrotizing Enterocolitis)

A comprehensive review of NEC patient records. Offers an interactive medical chronology which summarizes every date of treatment. Also identifies pertinent data such as feeding times, person(s) involved, formula ingested, feeding plans and protocols, NEC symptoms and treatment, and much more.


NEC Qualifier (Necrotizing Enterocolitis)

Determine if you have a viable case! - Utilized by firms pursuing lawsuits against the manufacturers of Enfamil and Similac Premature Infant Formulas known to cause NEC in infants.


Pain & Suffering Chart

For each Date of Service we identify the patient's Medical Provider, Chief Complaint, Pain Scale, Medications and Assessment/Plan.


Simple Medical Chronology & Billing Summary Bundle

A detailed summary of all medical encounters in chronological order and a breakdown of all medical charges, adjustments, and payments applied to the patient's account.


Talcum Powder Qualifier

Determine if your client has been diagnosed with illnesses or suffered symptoms with qualify for Talcum Powder injury claims.


Expert and Consultation Services

Consultations, Expert Witnesses Location, Expert Testimony & Depositions.


Life Care Planning

A life care plan is a comprehensive estimate of an individual’s medical and non-medical needs throughout their lifetime that result from a catastrophic injury or chronic illness.


Medical Cost Projections

A medical cost projection is a condensed report that forecasts all future medical, pharmaceutical and durable medical equipment costs for a claimant’s injury or illness.


Billing Discovery Review

If you have obtained medical records already, ChartSquad can still help! Upload the medical records to us, and our team of dedicated professionals will identify all the attendant billing records, start each new request for you, and then deliver received records directly to your portal.


Business Valuations

Business valuation and expert services. Let us help you determine what a business or contractor is truly worth.


Top-Tier University Expert Witnesses

Professors of Medicine & Surgery hand-selected for your case.


Lien Resolution

Personal Injury and Mass Tort Lien Resolution Services.


Medicare Set-Aside

We evaluate and determine the need for an MSA by reviewing your client’s medical records and identifying his/her future medical needs.


Special Needs Trust

Our administration experts assist and advise attorneys in meeting all compliance requirements that govern Special Needs Trusts.


Free Custom Mobile App for Attorneys and Law Firms!

A free custom mobile app, with your logo and design, for attorneys and law firms in all practice areas in law.


Demand Letter Package

Our Demand letter showcase the details like accident description, Injuries, treatment, medical bills, Statutes, case laws and liability claims.


Mass Tort Reviews

Verify & Validate the causal relation between Usage of Drug/Device and Injuries claimed.


Summons & Complaint

Our expert legal team will assist you in drafting Summons and Complaint. With us, you can save on the cost of hiring and training new resources.


Litigation Paralegal Services

We provide a full array of remote paralegal services.


On-Demand Paralegals

Expert assistance on-call to streamline your casework.


Record Archiving & Data Storage

Secure and compliant S3-standard cloud solutions for your critical legal records.


Nationwide Skip Tracing

Our skip trace service is a flat fee of $100.00 per person searched. Includes any data on address, employer, and criminal history. No hidden fees.


Nationwide Process Service

Nationwide Service of Process, including Medical Records Subpoenas, Employment Records, Summons and Complaints, etc. 5 Star Service since 2005!

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